Open Call

How do we get stronger? How do we get on the road? How can we get up again when our feet are stuck?

While looking for answers to these questions, we always found ourselves in the same place: we find strength from activism, art and each other. We want to go over the realities of the geography we live in without escaping them. We aim to strengthen our injuries, to account for our moral agencies, to question what we witness. While doing all this, we also find it essential to look after our good. We believe that the best method we can do this is art. We want to strengthen our art and activism with people with similar motivations and share our fields.

“Transformative Art Project for Activists (TAPA) is an art project produced by artists and activists for artists who are powered by activism.”

This sentence, which we have repeated frequently since the day we gathered and helps us draw our way, also tells the purpose of TAPA. Designed as a residence process, TAPA, unlike many other residence processes, is a project produced for artists who are powered by rights advocacy.

We want to spend 45 days in TAPA with ten artists working on migration/refugee, LGBTI +, women, speciesism/ecology and disability/body by producing and thinking together, sharing the same place and getting stronger. We are looking for ten artists who will share the transformation that will emerge in an environment* that is away from the noise of the cities, strengthens the experience of living together and allows people to think.

The primary motivation expected from the artists who will participate in the process will be to be open to co-production and mutual transformation. Transportation, accommodation, essential food and artistic production materials of the artists will be covered by TAPA. In line with this purpose, which will be supported by workshops that will be carried out throughout the process, an exhibition will be held at the end of the process.

We expect people living in Turkey; engaged in artistic production in the five thematic titles we mentioned (migration/refugee, LGBTI +, women, speciesism/ecology and disability/body); able to live with us for 45 days between 13 July and 26 August 2020; open to coexistence, mutual transformation and interaction; and over the age of 18 to apply to the project.

We expect people, who will apply, to send their application file including their CV, motivation letter, portfolio (if any), and written or visual content (artistic description, material information and forecasted budget) about the artistic production they intend to realize to until 1 May 2020 at 23.59 o’clock. In the subject part of the mail, B1- TAPA should be written, and all the documents should be in a single file, preferably in PDF format.

After the applications are evaluated by the jury consisting of 4 people (Erinç Seymen, Kevser Güler, Kültigin Kağan Akbulut, Tuba Kocakaya), positive or negative feedback will be given to all applicants on 20 May.

* The venue where the process will be carried out will only be announced to the accepted artists. The area is in the Marmara Region.